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Stuart Mark, CEO & Sandra Verdugo, VP SnS, are Real Estate Broker’s & Agents, Licensed with the State of California Department of Real Estate, Mortgage Broker, State of California Department of Real Estate General Contractor, State of California Contractor’s License Board, Notary Public, State of California Secretary of State. & Certified Property Managers for commercial & residential. Here is a little about us and how will make a great team! 

PROPERTY INVESTMENTS: Combined, We have personally invested and sold over 500 commercial/residential properties throughout our careers. Our practical experience, knowledge, successes & losses, allows us to "first hand" guide investors through the multi-family & commercial real estate maze.

NEW TO INVESTMENTS:  You are at the right place with the Right Professionals. We cater to New Investors because we were once there. We can assess your Real Estate portfolio or help you put one together. Timing is everything and the Time to invest in Real Estate is NOW! 

PROPERTY REHABILITATION: Along with our clients, we will utilize our General Contractor’s B License for property rehabilitation, make-overs, general repairs and resale, supervised maintenance crews, handle human resource issues, and process payroll. We are licensed & bonded and provide our workers with workers comp insurance. This reduces, your risks.

ASSET MANAGEMENT: We diligently work with investors to managing liquidation of mortgage-backed securities, mortgage payment collections, executing borrower’s notices of default, foreclosure proceedings, evictions, securing of property, and property rehabilitation. Our goal is to protect your investments.

PROPERTY MANAGEMENT CONSULTATION: We assist in: Analyzing your property rental portfolio & work with a verity of property management companies that fit your specific needs.

ATTORNEYS, FINANCIAL PLANNERS, CPA's, ARCHITECT'S & CIVIL ENGINEERS: A part of our Team to assist You, our valued clients                                                     


We have the proper tools and clientele to market and promote your listing or lease to the right person with our follow-up system that captures anyone visiting our site that may be interested. WE FOLLOW-UP! Please visit our sites and contact us with any questions or concerns you may have. “SnSCommercial.Com and

800-918-8991 / 714-381-3033 /626-826-4199.

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